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Minimalistischer Arbeitsplatz

Texts are meaningful and essential.
I help you to write them.

More substance, less effort.


I (copy)write & translate your texts

• Writing of targeted, informative, thematic texts


o Newsletters, company brochures, website texts & social media posts


o Product descriptions

o Project descriptions, funding requests (fundraising, grants)

o Public statements (for public persons)

o Other editorial assignements upon request


I correct, proofread & edit your texts

• Lectorate

(stylistic, thematic, holistic correction)


o Applications,


academic papers, political statements, social media statements, journalistic articles


• Spelling correction


o Applications,


academic papers, political statements, social media statements, journalistic articles

I help you writing your own texts

• Holistic support and content-related advice


o During your application process (writing applications and resumes)


o In relation to academic writing

We create visual designs for your text

• Graphic Design


o Visual design & copywriting of flyers, business cards, websites, social media posts

o Illustrations & animations & video- & photo editing

o Increase visibility through text and graphics

o Other assignments

Texten, Korrekturen, Schreibberatung, Website

About sinn-voll

Meret Yannice Wälti,

Anthropologist & Founder of sinn-voll

My name is Meret Yannice Wälti and I am the founder of sinn-voll. I founded sinn-voll to be able to devote more time to my passion – which is writing. Since I was a child, I loved to experiment with linguistic expressions, which led to my first short story when I was 10 years old.

I am Swiss and have an academic background in Social Anthropology and feminist peace politics. In the last few years, I have lived in London, Quito and today in Bogotá, Colombia. Here, I am working as a freelance (copy)writer and proofreader.

I write and proofread texts for politicians, NGOs, NPOs, SMEs and private individuals & coach students. Among others, I work for Yvonne Feri, former politician, Anja Nunyola Glover, sociologist and anti-racism expert and Franziska Schutzbach, writer and researcher.

Texten, Korrekturen,

Work Ethics

«Language is powerful. And power means responsibility» - Kübra Gümüşay

I work in a conscious, holistic, value-driven and decelerated way. Therefore, I only accept assignments which I (or my partners) can finish with enough time and space and align with my values. I always pay attention to a sensitive use of language (gendered, inclusive) and work with individuals, organizations and associations that, in some way, stand for change.


Meret unterstützt mich seit mehreren Monaten als persönliche Assistentin und ist aus meinem beruflichen Alltag kaum mehr wegzudenken. Ihre herausragenden redaktionellen Fähigkeiten, ihr organisatorisches Talent und vor allem ihre hohe Motivation sind einzigartig. Ich kann Meret und ihre Arbeit uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen.

Anja Glover, Agentur Nunyola

Happy Clients

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Thank you!

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